Myš shell pre Logitech G502 pôvodné originálne hornej dolnej shell príslušenstvo myš kryt bývanie

€14.52 €20.45

1 sada = 1pc myši top shell+1pc spodnej shell vezmite Prosím na vedomie, že nie je myš, len pôvodné originálne myši príslušenstvo myš kryt bývanie.

  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Druh: Myš Shell
  • Názov Značky: NoEnName_Null

Štítky: g403 top shell, g502 logitech, prípade, g502, logitech g502 bezdrôtové, lagitech g pro, muži príslušenstvo nastavenie, g502 koliesko, g102 myši shell, g502 nálepky, g603.

The listed images are not what you will be getting. They list these images and then send out "Hero Mouse Shell".. Like I asked for it. I have to fix a customer mouse that need the Proteus Spectrum which is what is displayed from this seller.. Then they argue that they sent the right stuff even though it does not match the listed images.. You as a Seller should respect our money and you are the one responsible for updating your images and listing.. dont expect us to "Consult" like you have mentioned to me in such a bad manner and very unprofessional way of communicating with your buyers. This is the last time I deal with your shop. I advise everyone to not buy from this Seller and check out better shops on Aliexpress.

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